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November 17th, 2021 - EPISODE #5 SEASON #2

The Comedy of Science

Love Nature

Connections to nature through science and art

The “Love Nature” podcast explores humans’ inherent fascination with the natural world by connecting listeners with experts from across fields of science, research, art and more. Listen for lively, passionate discussions as guests share their affinity for nature and their hopes for its preservation. Listeners will find our guests’ inspiration infectious, walking away with a deeper understanding of how to better navigate our ever-evolving environment and live more responsibly in it. Listen today.

Danni Washington
Nov. 17th, 2021 - EPISODE #5 SEASON #2

The Comedy of Science

Brian Malow is a comedian who loves science. Yes, you read that correctly. He is enthusiastic about creating connections between science and humor to deepen his audience’s appreciation for nature. Longtime fans of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will also recall Brian was the first curator of the SECU Daily Planet Theater. Don’t miss this lively and dynamic conversation on this week’s episode of the Love Nature podcast.

Danni Washington
Nov. 3rd, 2021 - EPISODE #4 SEASON #2

Building a More Science-Minded Society

A Miami native with Jamaican heritage, Danni Washington is deeply passionate about science communication and protecting and preserving our oceans. Using social and traditional media platforms, Danni takes her audiences on adventures to connect them with nature, aiming to inspire a more science-minded society along the way. Danni also illuminates how water has historically been used as a tool against people of color and shares her vision for natural spaces that are accessible for all.

Chris Marley working with Sharks
Oct. 20th 2021 - EPISODE #3 SEASON #2

Exquisite Creatures

For over 22 years artist and naturalist Christopher Marley has traveled the world to reclaim collected rare (and real) organisms to create unique and beautiful works of art. Marley's love of nature and its beauty are evident as he discusses his career and his creations. Through March 20, 2022, Marley’s work is on special exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences' downtown Raleigh location. Be inspired by the “magical space” at the intersection of art, nature and science, while experiencing the natural world in a way you never have before. (Get tickets and special exhibition details at

Richard Louv
Oct. 5th 2021 - EPISODE #2 SEASON #2

Facing the New Horsemen of the Apocalypse

New York Times best-selling author, Richard Louv, returns to provide further insight in this week’s episode, discussing how humans can commit to re-wilding natural areas and how cities can play a role by becoming engines for biodiversity and environmental revitalization. Louv also addresses the four horsemen of the apocalypse: climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, pandemic and human loneliness and shares his wisdom on how humans can combat these issues.

Richard Louv
Sept. 22nd 2021 - EPISODE #1 SEASON #2

Our Wild Calling

Join New York Times best-selling author, journalist and environmental advocate, Richard Louv, for the second season premiere of the Love Nature podcast. Richard discusses his latest book, Our Wild Calling, and a childhood dog named Banner who taught him a set of ethics for engaging with both humans and animals. Plus, find out why Louv thinks humans are hungrier than ever for connection with the natural world.

Rue Mapp
Jan 5th, 2021 - EPISODE #10

Rue Mapp and Outdoor Afro: Building a Bridge to Nature

In less than a decade, Rue Mapp grew her passion for nature from a blog to a national network of over 45,000 trained volunteers that comprise the organization Outdoor Afro. Rue and her organization seek to connect historically underserved communities with nature while advocating for inclusivity and accessibility within these spaces. Whether through hiking or birdwatching, art or history, cookouts or tailgates, find out how Outdoor Afro is meeting people where they are to inspire greater appreciation for the natural world. Don’t miss this engaging, illuminating discussion and the Season One finale of Biophilia: The Love Nature Podcast.

Lindsay Zanno
Dec 15th, 2020 - EPISODE #09

Dueling Dinosaurs: Dr. Lindsay Zanno connects the past to the present

Dinosaurs are alive in our imaginations and outside our windows. These magnificent animals give us a glimpse into the Cretaceous period and the biodiversity that existed. Join us as Dr. Lindsay Zanno, Head Paleontology, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, shares her passion for this area of study and how the Dueling Dinosaurs project will take science engagement to a new level bringing the world on a journey of discovery not experienced ever before. This is a do not miss episode as Lindsay and our hosts discuss the connections between dinosaurs, birds, the world today and what it may tell us about what’s next.

Deja Perkins
Nov 17th, 2020 - EPISODE #07

Urban Nature

Deja Perkins is an urban ecologist, an advocate for nature exploration and one of the co-organizers of Black Birders Week. As a Chicago native, Deja understands it is important for city residents to have access to nature and green spaces, but far too often communities of color encounter unique challenges when trying to interact with the natural world. Tune in to find out how Deja is breaking down these barriers as a champion for environmental justice.

Pat Simmons
Nov 3rd, 2020 - EPISODE #06

Cold Nose, Warm Heart

What do you do with a sick pet goldfish or iguana? What about a turtle or snake who has encountered trouble on the road? Dr. Greg Lewbart has seen it all caring for a range of creatures as a professor of aquatic animal medicine and veterinarian at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. Join us for this delightful, insightful conversation that illuminates how humans can share a bond with even the most unconventional creatures.

Pat Simmons
Oct 20th, 2020 - EPISODE #05

Lights, Camera…Ants!

Did you know the Museum has our own “Ant-Man”? Meet Dr. Adrian Smith, Head of the Museum’s Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab. On social media, his exciting videos inspire curiosity and fascination as he provides unique, observable views of insects and their behavior. Join us for this illuminating conversation.

Pat Simmons
Oct 6th, 2020 - EPISODE #04

The World’s Largest Natural Habitat Zoo

Meet Pat Simmons, Director & CEO of the North Carolina Zoological Park. “One of the things zoos do best,” she notes, “is reach out to large masses of people and give them that up-close personal experience with nature. A safe place where you can rely on experts to dispel fears and bring in joy. It’s incredibly important to the human soul.”

Rob Dunn
Sept 29th, 2020 - EPISODE #03

Studying the Species in Peoples’ Lives

Join us as we chat with Dr. Rob Dunn, Professor of Applied Ecology at NC State University and author of five popular science books, including “Every Living Thing” and “The Wild Life of our Bodies.” From bellybutton microbes to fabulous face mites, listen and learn all about the species that are on us, in us and around us.

E.O. Wilson in the field
Sept 22nd, 2020 - EPISODE #02

Part II: E.O. Wilson and the Half-Earth Project

Part II of our conversation with Dr. E.O. Wilson explores his concept of Half-Earth, a call to protect half the Earth’s land and sea in order to manage sufficient habitat to reverse the species extinction crisis and ensure species have the space they need to thrive. Hear how the Half-Earth Project is bringing this vision to life.

E.O. Wilson talking with chidren
Sept 15th, 2020 - EPISODE #01

Meet legendary biologist E.O. Wilson

The inaugural episode of the Love Nature podcast explores humans’ innate desire to connect with nature, a desire legendary biologist and author Dr. E.O. Wilson termed “biophilia.” Join us to meet the hosts and to hear from E.O. Wilson as they all share their personal attraction to, and journeys through, nature.

Behind the mic

Eric Dorfman

Dr. Eric Dorfman

Director and CEO, NCMNS

Dr. Eric Dorfman is Director and CEO of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Eric is also the author of several popular books and scholarly publications. His most recent book is The Future of Natural History Museums (Routledge 2018).

Dan Dombrowski

Dr. Dan Dombrowski

Chief Veterinarian, NCMNS

Dan is Chief Veterinarian at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and Adjunct Faculty at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Katey Ahmann

Executive Producer

Katey is the Head of Immersive Experiences at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences with 20+ years of experience working in the museum industry.

Eban Crawford


Eban is the composer and soundscape designer on the NC Museum of Natural Sciences digital media team.

Micah Beasley


Micah is the P.R. & Marketing Coordinator for the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences.

Ben Norton


Ben is Head of Technology at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.